Tips for the Online Learner

Written by Metro / Argyll Team,
Metro Continuing Education and Argyll Centre

Taking classes online can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to it.

The team at Metro Continuing Education and Argyll Centre is made up of many experienced online instructors who have compiled some tips to help new and experienced online learners succeed.


  • Mute your microphone as soon as you sign on. This helps minimize distractions such as background noises for other learners.
  • Turn off  your video if you are doing something that could be distracting to others, including eating or talking to someone else in the room.
  • Signal when you start and stop speaking. Try raising your hand when you want to speak, and say something like ‘I’m done’ to indicate to others when you’ve finished.


    • Stay calm. Technical issues happen (your computer is not out to get you).
    • Email or use the chat function to update your teacher.
    • Ask for help! Your instructors, friends, and parents may know how to solve the problem.


Study Space

  • Set up your space. Have a dedicated area for doing your schoolwork online that is comfortable and well-lit.
  • Keep your study supplies in one place. This will help you get to work quickly and stay focused.
  • Create a course folder on your device. Keep all documents for your course in one location so they are easily accessible.
  • Backup! Make sure you backup important files.


Time Management

    • Check in daily. By logging in and participating consistently, you will be much happier with your online learning experience.
    • Set up a schedule. Set times for when you plan to be in class and when you plan to study and do school work.
    • Pace your work. Regular, spaced study results in better learning. Create a plan to tackle projects in chunks to meet deadlines without being overwhelmed.



Remember, going online can feel isolating. You are not alone! Use your online class time to connect and socialize with your classmates and instructors.


Online Learning at Metro

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