Passwords 101: Never Get Locked Out Again

Written by Shawn Gramiak,

It might seem obvious, but a password is what lets you in, but keeps others out. The problem is, when you forget it, it keeps you out too!

Don’t feel bad, the number one issue I run into when I teach classes is people forgetting (or not knowing) their passwords. Here are a few tips.

Write them down EXACTLY as you have created them. I know this will freak out some readers, as many people tell you not to write them down.


If someone else is setting something up for you, ask if they have created any passwords. If so, get them to WRITE DOWN EXACTLY what they used as a password.


When I say EXACTLY, I mean EXACTLY. Many passwords want capital and lowercase letters, numbers and now even symbols. If you don’t get all of those exactly correct when you type in your password, you won’t get let in.


Don’t carry your password list or book with you! Keep it in a safe place in your house.


AT VERY LEAST, memorize the password to your email account. At least if you can access your email, you have the ability to reset any passwords you might have.


Learn how to reset passwords or Google how to reset your password for the service you are using.


When you reset a password, clearly write down what the new one is, and what date you changed it, in your password book. Also clearly note which service/website the password is being used for.


Don’t give your password list/booklet to anyone!


Don’t use facts commonly known about you as passwords (birthdates, family names, etc.) as these can usually be guessed. Perhaps use a line from a song or poem, and substitute numbers for letters. For instance, “To be, or not to be” can easily translate into a password of 2bORnot2b.


For more information, Google “how to make strong passwords you can remember”.


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