Welcome to the English Language Institute

Metro’s English Language Institute provides English instruction to hundreds of newcomers to Canada in a friendly learning environment complete with experienced, helpful ESL instructors and counsellors. Our full- and part-time courses are designed to help you improve your English skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing so that you will feel confident and ready to pursue further educational or employment opportunities.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

LINC Federally Funded Program

Are you a newcomer to Canada (permanent resident) but not yet a Canadian citizen? We’re delighted to offer English classes as part of the Government of Canada LINC program. These free courses are designed to help you increase your English language skills, learn about living in Canada, and make new friends.

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English as a Second Language

ESL Provincially Funded Program

Learning English is about more than just mastering the language: it’s a great opportunity to learn more about Canada while you prepare for further education or employment. Metro’s ESL classes are based on themes relevant to Canada, and cover employment skills and career planning as well as intensive English training.

We offer full-time intensive English language training programs to help you improve as quickly as possible. Beginner courses cover speaking, reading, writing, listening, and study skills, and STEP (Secondary Transitional English Program) classes cover more advanced topics in preparation for TOEFL exams or similar.

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Looking for information or supports?

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