Summer School

Upgrade your marks and get ahead in just four weeks!

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Our summer school classes give you the ability to prepare for the year ahead, lighten your schedule, or upgrade a class in just 4 weeks.

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Summer School 2024

Edmonton Public Schools is excited to offer summer school programming in 2024.

Students will have the option to register in either in-person or online classes.

We are dedicated to offering high quality summer high school programming!

Summer School 2024 is open to:

Students who are under 20 years old on September 1, 2023


  • Current Edmonton Public School student
  • OR Student will be attending an Edmonton Public School in September 2024
Students who are over 20 years old on September 1, 2023


  • Only for 30-level courses
  • AND Student has taken another Metro class within the 2023-24 school year


Let’s get started!

Registration for Summer School 2024 opens on April 4, 2024. Students are encouraged to register at their home school site if the course they want is available, but are able to register at any division site.

Schedule it in

Register starting April 4th, 2024 through Metro Continuing Education.

  • 5-credit classes | July 2-26 (19 days) from 9am to 1pm
  • 3-credit classes | July 2-12 | July 16-26 (9 days) from 9am to 2pm

Register as early as possible to secure your course, as space is limited.

  • The online registration deadline is June 25 (at 11:59pm) for all session one and five-credit courses.
  • The online registration deadline is July 10 (at 11:59pm) for all session two courses.

Online students will receive an invite to their Google Classroom on their EPS share account from June 28 to July 1.

Summer School 2024 sites

Students are encouraged to register at their home school site if the course is available. If a course is not available at your home school, all sites are open for registration:

Dr. Anne Anderson


Harry Ainlay

Jasper Place

J. Percy Page

Lillian Osborne


M.E. LaZerte

Queen Elizabeth

Ross Sheppard


W.P. Wagner

How it will work

Read on for further details on how summer school will work.

The details for all classes

  • Curriculum delivery of courses will follow a rigorous schedule. Students will be accountable to attend their class and engage in a variety of learning activities each day.
  • Teachers will provide engaging, curriculum-based lessons that require students to be actively participating in their learning for the duration of the day.
  • Daily attendance and participation is required and students who do not demonstrate consistent attendance will be removed from the course. Summer School is a fast-paced experience filled with rich and engaging opportunities.

For Online classes

  • Classes will start at 9am each day with a live lesson. The remainder of the day will include live connection points with a teacher, as well as time for students to work on their own. Additional tasks will need to be completed outside of the scheduled time.
  • To complete a summer school course, students will require internet access and access to a computer (laptop, Chromebook or desktop) with a working microphone and camera (either built-in or external). Courses will be delivered on the G Suite (Google Classroom) platform. Tablets and cell phones are not recommended as they cannot support the programs students are required to use. The expectation is that student cameras are on during synchronous activities to foster active participation and community building.
  • Students will be required to engage in video conferencing with their teacher and classmates, as well as complete assignments, projects and assessments through their computer.
  • If you currently attend a high school, please speak with your school site about borrowing technology. If you are not currently attending a high school, please contact Metro to discuss these possibilities.

The course line-up

Students are limited to one 5-credit course or two 3-credit courses, and are encouraged to enroll in a course they feel is an area of strength. The online platform and short timeline of summer school can present further challenges to learning.

Grade 9 students

Grade 9 students planning to take Physical Education 10 or CALM are advised to complete both courses, as they are each 9-day courses. Many Division high schools schedule these courses together and there may be limited opportunities to register in either course separately during the regular school year. If a student only does one through summer school, they will need to pick up the other during the regular school year.

Grade 9 students registering in core courses are advised to choose a subject where they feel confident and have demonstrated past success. Metro will be reviewing all registrations to ensure students are in a course that will offer a pathway to success.

August diploma exams

Students are required to write diploma exams in all 30-level courses. Students must be available to write the exam in person on the scheduled dates.

Location: W.P. Wagner

CourseDates (2024)Time
English 30-1 & 30-2 Part AThursday, August 19:00am - 12:00pm
Social Studies 30-1 Part AFriday, August 29:00am - 12:00pm
Social Studies 30-2 Part AFriday, August 29:00am - 11:30am
Math 30-1 & 30-2Tuesday, August 69:00am - 12:00pm
Social Studies 30-1 & 30-2 Part BTuesday, August 61:00pm - 3:30pm
English 30-1 & 30-2 Part BWednesday, August 79:00am - 12:00pm
Chemistry 30Thursday, August 89:00am - 12:00pm
Biology 30Thursday, August 81:00pm - 4:00pm
Physics 30Friday, August 99:00am - 12:00pm
Science 30Friday, August 91:00pm - 4:00pm