Advice for Surviving a Canadian Winter

Written by ELI Students,
Metro's English Language Institute

Metro's English language learners have shared their tips on how to survive and thrive through a northern winter.

Facing your first (or second, or 56th) Canadian winter can be intimidating. Some of our English language learners have shared advice on how to stay warm and healthy through the snowy season. Watch below and scroll down to see the complete list of tips.

My tip for winters in Canada is to always wear a scarf on your neck and never go without it.
-Nisreen (Syria)

For people new to Canada, especially those who arrive in the winter, my recommendation is to wear heavy coats, gloves, mittens, winter hats, and boot appropriate for winter.
-Leonidas (Burundi)

My tip for winter in Canada is always wear boots, warm clothes and mittens.
-Reena (India)

My tip for winter in Canada for newcomers is always wear warm clothes, gloves, winter boots, scarf, and a hat.
-Bhawani (India)

My tips for winter in Canada for new arrivals are always wear long snow jacket, snow boots, gloves, hat and muffler.
Take hot water with lemon in it in a bottle. Also take vitamin c in winter, it’s good for your health.
-Zahra (Syria)

My tip is to wear snow boots to keep warm and to avoid slipping.
-Mayson (Iraq)

My tips for winter for newcomers to Canada are to cover your ears and face, wear appropriate socks and strong shoes, and walk carefully because snow is very slippery. If possible, it is very important to take some vitamins and a vaccination for the flu.
-Malene (Burundi)

My tip for winter is o check the forecast before you go outside you know how cold it is.
-Rkia (Morocco)


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