Top 7 reasons to take a continuing education course

Continuing education encompasses the wide variety of learning opportunities for both personal and professional growth.
Courses range from abstract painting to Zumba and everything in between! In the Edmonton area, Adult Continuing Education classes are available through public school boards, universities, colleges, community organizations and professional associations.

Here are the top seven reasons we recommend you take a continuing education course!

1. Explore an Interest or Hobby

Always wanted to learn how to paint, cook, meditate or garden? How about building on your self-taught skills in birdwatching, astronomy or playing the guitar? Continuing education courses are perfect for building up a solid base of introductory level knowledge for a particular activity. As classes often focus on the basics for beginners, you’ll feel comfortable learning with other students at a similar skill level. With classes ranging from a few hours to evening sessions over a few weeks, you’ll be able to explore a new interest without investing too much time or money.

2. Learn from Industry Experts

Adult Continuing Education courses offer an affordable option to learn from passionate instructors who are experts in their field. In-person sessions provide the opportunity for students to ask questions in the moment and get hands-on assistance. Experienced instructors know how to adjust their pace for different levels of learners and explain their craft in easy to understand language.

3. Meet New People

Finding a shared interest is a great way to connect with new people. For classes that span multiple sessions, you will get to know your peers which gives you someone else to be accountable to show up to class! In-person sessions also encourage personal sharing, interaction with classmates and offer networking opportunities.

4. Develop your Skills for the Workplace

Looking to enhance your professional skills? Adult Continuing Education courses can assist in developing specific skills such as written and verbal business communication, supervision techniques, time management and workplace conflict resolution. Building on these skills through formalized instruction will increase your confidence and open up new pathways for your career!

5. Keep up with the latest technology

Social media, YouTube, smartphones, apps and blogs are all technology items so prevalent in our day-to-day. It’s hard to believe that only ten years ago, many of these technologies didn’t exist! Technology is changing rapidly and it’s hard to keep up. Continuing education courses focused on the latest computer programs, smartphone operating systems and latest tech advances can help you understand what the technology is, why you should use it, and most importantly, how you use it!

6. Test drive a new career

Thinking about changing careers or exploring a new field? Participating in a continuing education course can allow you to test drive a new career option. By enrolling in an introductory course, you can assess your level of interest before committing to a full program. As an added bonus, the introductory course may apply to the required list of courses needed to complete a certificate program!

7. Invest in some “Me Time”

Looking to take the time to connect with yourself and re-discover your talents? How about setting aside time aside to unwind from the regular stresses of the day? Learning a new skill or completing a project thorough a continuing education course will leave you with newfound knowledge and a sense of accomplishment. How about expanding your personal depth? Picking a course a little off the beaten track, such as learning an obscure instrument can be a great challenge, confidence builder and allow you to embrace your creativity.

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