A Letter from the Easter Bunny

Written by Easter Bunny,
Top Hare, Bringer of Easter Treats

Good day, it’s your pal the Easter Bunny here.

Good news—the government has officially declared that I am an essential service. Here’s an update on how my Easter egg delivery is going to work during these special circumstances.

Home is where it’s hop-ening

I am encouraging everyone to stay home this Easter. No need to go out, as my Easter egg service includes free delivery right to your door (in fact, right inside your house). I have heightened my safety and cleaning protocols to keep you safe. This includes obeying any rules that your parents may have, such as delaying egg delivery, handwashing before and after eating any treats, and sharing of chocolate with parents.


Cleaning is egg-cellent

Yum yum yum got Easter eggs in my tum. I want everyone to enjoy their Easter treats guilt- and worry-free. I have enhanced my cleaning protocol for your protection and peace of mind. I will be washing my hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds (to the tune of ‘I Want Candy’ by the Strangeloves) before and after each home visit. I will also be wearing gloves and a mask to help limit any germs from escaping. If I were to feel ill in any way, I would stay home. Luckily, the Easter bunny does not get sick.


Stay 11 carrots apart

I have special permission to visit people’s homes because I am essential and magic. You, my friend, while definitely magical and essential in your own way, should not be visiting other people’s homes this Easter, including family. Try to think of fun ways that you can celebrate with your friends and family while staying physically distant from one another. Maybe a video call egg hunt or game night could work? And remember if you have to go out, always stay at least 11 carrots away from other people.


Think about our good eggs

Many of you have asked me about making sure our good eggs (like Dr. Deena Hinshaw) have a very hoppy Easter. I will do my best to take care of all our essential and front-line workers, and you can do your part too! Always listen to the recommendations from our health professionals to keep all our friends who are out working this Easter safe (and keep you safe too)!


Keep the magic alive

Get creative with one of my tried and true Easter crafts to help you stay busy and creating this long weekend. Make some very cute toilet paper roll bunnies (with supplies you can probably find in your house). Or, try an Easter tree! Find some willow branches (or any kind of branches) and stick them into a pot. Next, decorate with dyed eggs, feathers, pom-poms—or anything that seems fun and festive! Here’s where you can find instructions on these crafts:

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies Easter Tree

Thank you for doing your part to help everyone have a safe and hoppy holiday!

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