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Scholarship for children and youth

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Every child deserves the chance to succeed…

In many communities across Edmonton, tomorrow’s potential leaders can’t access the extra help they need to develop their skill and talent because of economics. They need your help.

Metro Continuing Education designs and delivers a full array of high-quality extra-curricular programs for students in Grades 1-12 that make a life-long difference for students who need help to succeed. Receiving 90 per cent parent-satisfaction while meeting or exceeding our students’ goals, Metro Continuing Education programs make the grade.

The Invest in Success Trust offers you the opportunity to join a growing family of quality organizations who care about Edmonton’s future as much as we do. Together, we can help disadvantaged students and their families improve skills, increase desire to learn and build motivation to contribute life-long.

Make it possible for district students to get the extra help they need and deserve.


The need

Did you know that in many Edmonton communities today, success is only a dream?

Right now, countless families and children, for financial reasons alone, can’t access the help they need to succeed.


The solution

Metro Continuing Education is working hard to change that. We offer students the extra help they need by providing a dynamic array of high quality educational programs.

Our programs:

  • increase student desire to attend and continue school
  • improve student motivation
  • enhance student performance in core skills

Metro Continuing Education programs are offered outside the regular, provincially-funded education program and therefore must operate on a cost-recovery basis. For this reason, small user-fees apply – this makes needed programs difficult to access for students facing financial disadvantages.


You can help

The Invest In Success Trust offers help. Invest in Success, initiated in 1999, helps ease the financial barrier to improved skills and enrichment for district children and families. With your help, Invest in Success can make what was once a dream a successful reality.

Designed for students in Grades 1-12, Metro’s high-quality programs help students build motivation, focus and the desire to learn, as well as skill in core subjects. Programs offer classes ranging from math, science, ESL, cultural exploration, reading and writing to computers, art, business and self development. We already know, access to extra help through one of our many innovative programs is making a difference. And we believe that difference will last a lifetime.


The results

What Metro Continuing Education programs offer:

  • small teacher-student ratios
  • quality, stimulating learning
  • fun and personal development
  • help where help is needed

Helping thousands of students and families each year to reach or exceed their goals, our programs enjoy a parent-satisfaction rate of over 90 per cent.
Because our extra-curricular programs are offered outside the regular provincially-funded education system, they must operate on a cost-recovery basis.

Even with our commitment to keeping costs to a minimum, many district students still can’t afford the help. They need your support.


Your gift

Your investment will directly help district students and families with an identified financial need. By giving to the Invest In Success Trust, you give the gift of access to one or more exceptional learning opportunities right away. But your investment doesn’t stop there – increased desire and motivation lasts a lifetime.

Your gift to Edmonton’s future can be directed to one of two priorities:

  • individual scholarships for student registration fees
  • school program funding for whole programs where they are needed most


Your reward

By investing in Edmonton’s success, you will join a growing group of citizens who believe as much in student achievement as we do. Together we can share the satisfaction of helping children and families in our own community reach their goals and help Edmonton thrive.