Work Experience

Gain high school credit while learning hands-on skills

Gain job experience! Register for Work Experience 15, 25 or 35. Explore a career, add to your resumé, and earn more credits.

Work Experience 35 offers students the unique opportunity to earn 10 high school credits at the 30-level, fulfilling the high school diploma requirements for two 30-level subjects. Students may apply a total of 15 work experience credits towards their high school diploma. (Neither Work Experience 15 nor Work Experience 25 is a prerequisite.)

Note: A minimum of 75 hours (3 credits) of participation is required in this program.

Work Experience is currently only open to students 20 years of age or older as of September 1 of the current school year.


You must:

  • Have transportation to and from work
  • Complete an interview with a Metro Work Experience Co-ordinator. To book an interview, call 780-428-1111