Career Pathways

career pathways

In support of Edmonton Public School’s new Career Pathways initiatives, we’re excited to offer five-credit CTS and art courses out of normal school hours to current EPSB students and adult learners.

Offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights or on weekends, these classes are for current students of Edmonton Public Schools who are unable to access these classes in their home schools. They are also open to out-of-district students and adult learners seeking to gain introductory knowledge in these specialized areas.

Registration Information

Career Pathways courses run from February 4th – June 10, 2019.

Registration opens in late November. To register or for more information, please contact Metro at 780-428-1111 or

Available Classes

Our 2019 schedule is still being developed, but may include the following CTS and Art courses:

Art 10/20/30

Students in this program will improve their artistic skills with an enthusiastic practicing artist in a fun and creative learning environment. Students will choose from many mediums to work with as they learn the fundamentals of art. Previous projects have included a community mural and ceramics.

Computer Science 10/20/30

Computer Science prepares students for a broad range of careers including computer engineering, information technologies, software development and robotics. The three levels of computer science progressively take students from a general introduction of computer technology to computer programming including advanced topics in computer science and software development using state-of- the-art software and hardware.

Cosmetology 10/20/30

In this program, students will be introduced to the art of hair design and hair cutting. Intermediate and advanced students will continue to master their skills through in-class instruction and hands-on training. Students will develop their creative skills in the areas of hair cutting, hair styling and makeup application.

Fabrication and Welding 10/20

In this combined class, students will get an opportunity to explore an interest in the metal trades and continue to develop and demonstrate their skills in welding and fabrication. A wide range of welding processes will be covered. These may include gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding and oxy-acetylene welding and cutting.

Culinary 10/20

In Culinary Arts, students will gain an understanding of the preparation, process and basic handling skills required when working with food. In the context of a commercial kitchen, students will be exposed to various techniques and practical applications of the food and hospitality industry.

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