Campus EPSB

In support of Edmonton Public School’s new Career Pathways initiatives, Metro Continuing Education is offering evening and weekend five-credit CTS and art courses to current EPSB students and adult learners.

Offered in evening or weekend sessions, these classes are for current students of Edmonton Public Schools who are unable to access these classes in their home schools. Additionally, these classes are open to out of district students and adult learners seeking to gain introductory knowledge in these specialized areas.

Winter 2017 course offerings (February – June) included:

  • Cosmetology 10
  • Cosmetology 20
  • Fabrication and Welding 10
  • Fabrication and Welding 20
  • Art 10
  • Art 20
  • Art 30
  • Computer Science 10
  • Computer Science 20
  • Culinary Arts 10

February 2018 classes will be open for registration in November 2017. For more information call 780.428.1111.

Campus EPSB
Winter 2017