Floral Design

See your creativity bloom with Metro’s Floral Design courses! Learn the ins and outs of floral arrangement to create stunning centerpieces, decoration and door hangings for any occasion. Beginners to advanced courses are offered, so you can grow and develop your skills for years to come!

Class name Start date Cost More info
Blissful Winter Blossoms 01/26/2019 $79 More info
Colourful Carnations 02/06/2019 $69 More info
DIY Bridal Bouquet 03/05/2019 $79 More info
DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece 03/12/2019 $79 More info
Enhancing Florals with Succulents 03/16/2019 $79 More info
Floral Armature Design 02/21/2019 $79 More info