Colour your creative side with Metro art courses! Focus on drawing, painting, stained glass and even art appreciation – no creative side will go unexplored! Work with artistic experts as you find your passion or enhance your skills. We offer classes for all levels of experience and interest.

Class name Start date Cost More info
An Adventure With Poured Acrylics 03/06/2019 $79 More info
Calligraphy: Introduction to Script Lettering 02/04/2019 $129 More info
Crocheting for Beginners 02/27/2019 $109 More info
Framed Pebble Art 03/16/2019 $79 More info
Fused Glass: Mosaic Plate 02/23/2019 $79 More info
Fused Glass: Polar Plates 01/26/2019 $79 More info
Introduction to Coloured Pencils 02/26/2019 $149 More info
Introduction to Metal Sculpture 03/13/2019 $109 More info
Introduction to Modern Embroidery 01/29/2019 $129 More info
Introduction to Pointillism 02/20/2019 $109 More info
Introduction to Zentangle® Art 02/06/2019 $79 More info
Learn to Sew in a Day 03/09/2019 $109 More info
Leather Crafting: Dog Collar & Leash Set 03/04/2019 $99 More info
Leather Crafting: Make Your Own Wallet 01/26/2019 $89 More info
Oil Painting for Beginners 01/29/2019 $249 More info
Soapstone Carving for Beginners 02/07/2019 $129 More info
Stained Glass: Garden Stone 03/09/2019 $99 More info
Stained Glass: Mosaic Tabletop 03/20/2019 $129 More info
Stained Glass: Winter Chimes 01/26/2019 $89 More info