Worksite Protocols

Your worksite probably looks different than usual. Here are some guidelines to help with the transition.

Teaching Online Worksite Protocols

  • You will remain attached to your school
  • Your direct supervisor will remain your principal
  • You will be reporting and working from within your school building
  • Be aware of the individual re-entry protocols for your specific site
  • You are full member of the professional faculty at your home school
    • Assigned supervision duties
    • Staff meetings and/or department meetings/collaborative work
    • PD days
    • All documents/tasks as per the Faculty Update
  • Locate and learn your schools emergency preparedness plan
  • Google Classroom – created in line with department expectations (share with DH, AP, Principal)
  • Emergency supply teacher lesson plans will need to be created and submitted
  • As a daily practice you will be expected to make available the following on your Google Classroom:
    • The daily agenda
    • A copy of any materials used during the lesson (i.e. slidedeck)
    • Access to the daily assignments