Teacher Reminders

You’ve got a lot on your mind. Let this list replace the string around your finger.

A few things to remember while teaching:

  • Create and encourage a professional and fun sense of community
  • Get a sense of who your class is and how you can best work with them
  • Promote the extension of ideas – let it go unless you see things going in the wrong or incorrect direction
  • Try not to cut information – keep things open-ended, answer with a question or guiding issue that promotes discovery
  • Don’t change the subject too quickly
  • Don’t respond to every question but model your questions and responses
  • Praise in public (one to one or one to many)
  • Rebuff in private – usually via email
  • Provide accurate links and resources
  • Minimize the number of handouts online students need for the course. Having students go to their school in person to pick up handouts defeats the purpose of their working online
  • Be flexible!