High School Upgrading

Daily Requirements

Supporting your students’ learning and well-being is still the main priority. Here’s how to keep them on track to meet their goals.

Minimum daily requirements for student learning:

  • Start and end of day – aligned with your home schools scheduled start and end time
  • Daily schedule – each class will meet with their online teacher daily.
  • Synchronous learning – students will engage in a minimum of 75 minutes of synchronous learning per course per day.
  • Students will also have access to 20 minutes of scheduled time set aside for student-led drop-in/questions.
  • Asynchronous learning – students will engage independently in learning activities similar to homework.
  • Teachers will choose how to organize time for both synchronous and asynchronous learning with the home school instructional calendar/schedule.
  • Teachers will monitor for understanding and growth to provide individual support students.

Please ensure that all online students in your classes receive the following information:

  • Course outline
  • Contact information
  • Course expectations – assignments, activities (including protocol for online behaviour)
  • Evaluation and assessment (written lists, explanations or rubrics)
  • Discourse evaluation (and buy-in if it is being negotiated)
  • Timing – course pace and schedule, instructor availability
  • Welcome note – Welcome notes are critical to tell students how the course will begin, where to go (Google classroom, school zone, etc.), how to login, how to get help if required, the first steps once they enter their environment (which usually start with an introductory activity, to the students and the technology)
  • Course outlines, content, unit plans, scope and sequence, assessment for the quarter should be accessible to school administration