Let’s keep in touch—with your school, students, and parents.

Effective and Timely Communication

  • Student attendance is mandatory and you are required to report attendance for your synchronous online classes AM and PM
  • Parents are expected to follow the school procedures for reporting student absences
  • Follow up on non-attendance
    • No show report
    • Phone calls are preferred—email to parents can be used if they cannot be contacted by phone
    • Log enter communications and follow up
  • If you have any concerns regarding a student’s behavior or performance please contact their designated school’s AP, email them directly (available through High School AP contact list).
  • Record concern in the power school/teacher log entry
  • Log entries (Log entries are legal documents. Never copy and paste emails into log entries, summarize the conversation)

Log entries should be made for the following reasons:

  • Confirmed absences or extended absences that you are aware of
  • Missed tests and arrangements made with students and parents
  • Conversations with students and parents who are “at risk” and referral to Assistant Principal made
  • Negative behaviours (cheating, disrespectful, etc.) and the action taken
  • Conversations with parents/guardians
  • Logging accommodations