Assessment and Evaluation

Staying on track during uncertain times is challenging. Read on to refresh your understanding of the EPS School Assessment Plan.

Assessment and Evaluation

Please review the EPSB School Assessment Plan 2020-2021, Grades 10-12.

This guide will help you understand:

  • responsibilities of staff, students and parents/guardians;
  • how we will tell you about your child’s progress and learning;
  • how we assign grades/marks to a student
  • how a student is assessed; and
  • the steps we take if a student’s work is missing or not finished.

Missing or Incomplete Student Work

Principals must make sure that teachers communicate with parents/guardians promptly and regularly about missing or incomplete student work. This is outlined in Administrative Regulation GKB.AR – Standards for Evaluation, section 4:

4. Principals must work with their teachers to comply with the following: a. evidence of student achievement has been collected by the teacher; b. communication plans for reporting student achievement and growth to parents/guardians are developed and aligned with school-wide assessment and intervention plans;

c. a student has been given multiple opportunities and ways to demonstrate his/her learning;

d. follow up has occurred to determine the reason when a summative assessment item (assignment, test, project, etc.) is missing or incomplete, and that opportunities for the student to fulfill the requirement of the summative assessment item (assignment, test, project, etc.) are provided;

e. if the student continues to be unsuccessful, the student/parents/guardians will be informed and the teacher will solicit a solution in consultation with the student’s parents/guardians to hold the student accountable and/or plan for further learning;

f. teachers will engage in on-going, timely communication with parents/guardians/students and the principal regarding missing or incomplete work; and,

g. providing 4. b−f have been followed, the teacher can assign the student a mark of zero for that missed summative assessment item (assignment, test, project, etc.).

* Refer to Page 8 of School Assessment Plan 

Students who have missing or incomplete work will have an “In” code (incomplete) on interim reports. Prior to reporting periods teachers and students will work together to complete the work and parents will be informed with regards to the plan for completion if there is an issue. If the work is not completed prior to the end of the quarter, a mark of zero may be assigned and/or a student will be withdrawn from the course.