Academic Success Series

Attain the successful marks you want with an Academic Success Series course!

Develop the performance skills needed for reaching your educational and future goals. Academic Success Series courses provide you with specific techniques and methods to improve your academic performance and help you achieve better results.

Academic Success Series courses are offered for Junior High and High School Students and include the following courses:

Ace Any Exam

  • Many of us are afraid of exams when they can be a real ally in the learning process.
    You will learn how to prepare for, write and debrief an exam effectively. Useful tips and
    techniques for multiple-choice and essay exams will be included.

Getting Great Marks – Power Study Skills

  • There are powerful new strategies and attitudes available to make your learning
    faster, easier and more fun. You will learn the tools and systems, taken from exciting
    new research, that produce real results. The course focuses on the six power study
    skills, including concentration and listening, power reading and study techniques. It is
    designed to bring you better marks and more confidence in the classroom.

High Performance Learning: Faster, Easier, More Fun!

  • We are only using a fraction of our brain’s capacity. Recent
    breakthroughs in brain research and learning theory have provided
    better understanding and powerful new strategies. This class
    presents the latest science and techniques to release your full
    learning potential. Topics included: 7 characteristics of high performance
    learning, “systematic success” the growth mindset,
    and what top students do differently.

How to Build Highly Effective Habits for Great Marks & Personal Success

  • First we make our habits, then our habits make us. Would you like
    to be able to study, do your homework, be on time, workout, eat
    and sleep well … all with ease? The key is positive habits. Learn
    how to identify and build effective, productive habits and how
    to replace unhealthy ones that are keeping you stuck in negative

Increasing your Memory & Concentration Power

  • Memory and concentration are the core of learning and life and
    are critical to good marks and exam success. You will learn how
    your brain learns, remembers, and concentrates and how to take
    full advantage of its potential. Effective tools, systems (including
    the top two memory aids) and attitudes will be included.

Managing Stress – Conquering Exam Anxiety

  • Stress can downshift you and break you or it can focus and
    motivate you. You will learn what stress and anxiety are and how
    to manage them. Strategies include: the STOP technique, deep
    breathing, reframing emotions and managing exam anxiety.

Time & Organizational Management

  • Organizing yourself and your time can improve classroom success
    and change your life. You will learn techniques and attitudes to
    help you use your limited time and energy effectively to get your
    best marks. You will learn the six time management power tools
    including “first things first”, procrastination busters, goal setting
    and how to stay present.

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