Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Success Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take academic courses at Metro Continuing Education?

Metro’s Academic Success Programs welcome students of all ages. High school credit and non-credit courses are open to students looking to upgrade their marks as well as mature adult learners. Academic Success Programs also offer programs for high school, junior high and elementary students. You can browse and register for Metro’s academic courses online.

What is the difference between the Academic Success Programs and Adult Continuing Education?

Metro Continuing Education offers programs for all ages. No matter whether you are a current high school student, adult learner or parent looking to register your child for a course, all academic courses are part of the Academic Success Programs. Adult Continuing Education offers personal and professional enrichment classes in areas like computers, languages, art and photography.

I’m under 20 and not in school. I’d like to go back to school and take a high school credit course. What do I do?

Call 780.428.1111 to speak with a Metro counsellor, who will help you plan your high school program.

Do I need the prerequisite course?

Yes, if you are under 20 years old on September 1 of the current school year or if you are applying for a part-time bursary. If you do not currently attend an Edmonton Public Schools district school you must provide proof (report card or transcript) that you have the prerequisite course(s).

Does Metro offer part-time funding application and bursary assistance?

Yes. Experienced Metro staff can simplify the funding application process and help students who wish to apply for financial assistance through Alberta Works. Guidelines regarding funding eligibility are available from Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) or call 780.428.1111. Students may also pick-up a funding information package from Metro’s Registration and Customer Service office during regular business hours.

Students may be eligible for a part-time bursary (non-repayable funding). Bursaries for part-time study are intended to assist with program fees, tuition and books, and may also help with child care and travel expenses. Bursaries are only available for students taking high school credit courses. Applications should be submitted six to eight weeks before classes begin. Approval for part-time bursaries is managed by Alberta Works. Call 780.428.1111. for more information or assistance.

Where can I obtain my high school records?

If you have taken high school courses in Alberta, you can obtain a statement of marks from Alberta Education by using your myPass account.

If you took your high school courses in another province, contact the department of education in that province to obtain your high school records. If you have out-of-province documents (e.g., a transcript from another province) or if you received your education outside Alberta, call 780.428.1111. to speak with a counsellor for assistance in choosing the right courses.

What is an Adult High School Equivalency Diploma?

This is a recognized Alberta high school diploma awarded to adults who have been out of school for at least 10 consecutive months. Although 100 credits are required to obtain a diploma, you may be awarded credits for adult education, age and/or extensive travel. You can apply for this diploma through Metro for a $60 processing fee. Call 780.428.1111 for more information.

What is Metro’s online Privacy Policy?

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