Capture life’s moments! Whether you are an expert or beginner, Metro’s comprehensive photography program has courses designed especially for your skill level. Master your camera with a class focused on basic functions and modes, light and exposure or creative design. Choose a specialized class like night photography or visual composition. We offer small class sizes, knowledgeable instructors and a hands-on selection of courses. Learn important theoretical information to application from great photographers and benefit from their valuable expertise and guidance. Your photos will be the talk of the town!

Class name Start date Cost More info
COURSE SERIES: Fundamentals of Photography Series 10/03/2017 $507 More info
Flash Fundamentals 10/10/2017 $175 More info
Fundamentals of Digital SLR Photography 10/03/2017 $199 More info
Fundamentals of Post Processing 10/05/2017 $199 More info
Fundamentals of Visual Composition 10/04/2017 $199 More info
How to Use Your Digital Camera 10/26/2017 $125 More info
Night Photography 10/12/2017 $279 More info
Photography Tips & Tricks for Beginners 10/03/2017 $79 More info