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Personal Finance & Law

Achieve your financial goals and empower yourself to confidently navigate legal waters.

Achieve your personal and professional goals, guided by experienced instructors and industry leaders. Manage your assets, prepare for retirement or learn about investments – our personal finance classes will help you deal with all the challenges we face when it comes to money.

Buying your first home? Starting your will? Need to understand your role as executor? We’ve got you covered! Our law courses are taught by lawyers who have volunteered their time to provide you with information regarding the legal aspects of on any journey. Get the facts in areas like housing law, wills & estates law and more! Please note, Law for the Layperson classes are intended to provide general legal information only and not legal advice.

Class name Start date Cost More info
Being a Landlord – Legal Aspects 05/27/2020 $89 More info
Being an Executor/ Personal Representative 05/13/2020 $89 More info
Budgeting: Take Control of Your Finances 05/12/2020 $89 More info
Building A Profitable Portfolio 05/13/2020 $99 More info
Inheriting Wealth: What Now? 05/06/2020 $99 More info
Investing 101 05/02/2020 $99 More info
Make Money as a Landlord 06/03/2020 $99 More info
Maximizing Your Retirement Income 04/29/2020 $99 More info
Personal Directives & Enduring Powers of Attorney 04/30/2020 $89 More info
Retiring With Purpose 05/30/2020 $119 More info
Retiring With Purpose 07/18/2020 $119 More info
Stock Trading 05/27/2020 $99 More info
The Legalities of Living Together 05/05/2020 $89 More info
The Savvy Homebuyer 05/14/2020 $89 More info
Wills & Estate Planning Essentials 05/06/2020 $89 More info