Mind, Body & Soul

Embark on a journey towards harmony and balance. Metro’s Mind, Body & Soul classes combine relaxation with stimulation to help you feel rested, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Find inner balance with classes in aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation and specialized courses taught by experienced healers. From spirituality to massage to general well-being, our classes will guide you on a path to your best you.

Register with a friend in any Mind, Body & Soul classes — and each receive a 15% discount! Call 780.428.1111 to receive this discount when registering.

Class name Start date Cost More info
Anxiety & Depression: Finding Control 02/13/2019 $89 More info
Conquer Your Clutter 03/16/2019 $99 More info
Discover Mindfulness 02/05/2019 $79 More info
EFT Approach to Weight Loss 02/06/2019 $119 More info
Fascinating Fascia 03/21/2019 $79 More info
Get Dressed With Purpose Bootcamp 02/08/2019 $159 More info
Healing With Himalayan Singing Bowls 02/05/2019 $99 More info
Healing With Himalayan Singing Bowls 03/06/2019 $99 More info
Introduction to Chinese Medicine 02/23/2019 $79 More info
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 01/22/2019 $79 More info
Make Your Own Herbal Medicine 02/06/2019 $99 More info
Makeup Basics: Flawless From Home 02/13/2019 $149 More info
Massage for Couples 03/16/2019 $89 More info
Mentorship for Intuitives 03/05/2019 $99 More info
Mindfulness & Meditation 02/19/2019 $109 More info
Sensible Wardrobe Planning 03/21/2019 $79 More info
Sizzling Smoky Eyes 02/06/2019 $89 More info
True Colors®: Personalities & Relationships 03/19/2019 $79 More info