Mind, Body & Soul

Find inner harmony & balance

Metro’s Mind, Body & Soul classes combine relaxation with stimulation to help you feel rested, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Find inner balance with classes in aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation and specialized courses taught by experienced healers. From spirituality to massage to general well-being, our classes will guide you on a path to your best you.

Register with a friend in any Mind, Body & Soul classes — and each receive a 15% discount! Call 780.428.1111 to receive this discount when registering.

Class name Start date Cost More info
Acknowledging People & Place 05/09/2019 $79 More info
Creating Illusions With Clothing: A Body Graphing Workshop 05/04/2019 $119 More info
Fresh Faces for Spring & Summer 05/08/2019 $89 More info
Messages From Your Subconscious 05/22/2019 $79 More info
Picture Perfect: Makeup for Special Occasions 04/25/2019 $89 More info
Self-Hypnosis 04/25/2019 $99 More info
What to Wear Now, for Women 45+ 05/14/2019 $79 More info
Your Psychic Self 05/09/2019 $79 More info