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Prepare for a trip, wow your friends and family, and challenge yourself by learning a new language

Have a trip coming up? Want to improve communication with friends and family abroad? From French and Spanish classes, to sign language, Mandarin, Japanese, and Arabic, learn languages from around the globe right here in Edmonton!

Get ready to make new friends and take your conversation skills to the next level as you join us on a journey of linguistic discovery. There are lots of options whether you want to refresh your knowledge or learn something completely new. 

Embark on a comprehensive 10-week journey, prepare for a trip through a travel-focused eight-week course, or just get your feet wet with a one-day session. Our language courses are designed for all skill levels, and sessions usually run on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Class name Start date Cost More info
American Sign Language (ASL) in a Day 02/08/2020 $149 More info
Streamlined Japanese Basics 02/22/2020 $149 More info
Streamlined Spanish Basics 02/22/2020 $149 More info