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Decorate your home and yard, learn simple home repairs, or get renovation ready with Metro! Learn about the fundamentals of home maintenance and repair from industry professionals who are here to share their tips and tricks with you. Gain practical skills in painting and landscaping, or spruce up your décor! Metro is here to help with every indoor and outdoor project you have on the go!

Class name Start date Cost More info
Don’t Throw Out the Van Gogh 04/26/2018 $69 More info
Four Seasons Gardening 04/28/2018 $79 More info
Interior Wall Painting for Beginners 04/28/2018 $119 More info
Renovating Mature Landscapes 05/02/2018 $149 More info
Xeriscaping – Low Maintenance Gardening 05/03/2018 $125 More info