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COVID-19 Updated Program Information

Adult Continuing Education classes will be offered in-person and online in the fall 2020 term. Please review the following Safety Protocols for Metro Edmonton Public School Venues before the start of your class.

Safety Protocols

Get fit in both mind and body with yoga, dance, fitness, massage, aromatherapy classes and more! Our trained professionals have experience working with students of all ages and ability.


Class name Start date Cost More info
50 Ways to Stop Bad Feelings in Their Tracks 10/20/2020 $99 More info
Audit Your Closet 11/05/2020 $79 More info
Country Dance: Two-Step 10/19/2020 $125 More info
Country Line Dancing 10/29/2020 $99 More info
Essentrics® 10/14/2020 $105 More info
Get Dressed With Purpose Bootcamp 10/17/2020 $159 More info
Guided Mala-Making Experience 10/14/2020 $109 More info
Hoop Dance for Beginners 10/24/2020 $105 More info
Independence & Aging 11/10/2020 $89 More info
Introduction to Crystal Gridding 11/10/2020 $109 More info
Latin Dance Fitness 10/20/2020 $105 More info
Live Your Life With Passion 10/31/2020 $119 More info
Making Friends With Yourself 11/05/2020 $69 More info
Meditation & Mala Bracelets 10/29/2020 $109 More info
Messages From Your Subconscious 11/05/2020 $89 More info
Pickleball for Beginners 11/16/2020 $159 More info
Pickleball for Beginners 11/17/2020 $159 More info
Pickleball Intermediate 11/18/2020 $179 More info
Pickleball Intermediate 11/19/2020 $179 More info
POUND® Fitness 10/19/2020 $129 More info
Stretch for Strength 10/29/2020 $105 More info
Table Tennis for Beginners 10/14/2020 $179 More info
Tai Chi Chih 10/20/2020 $105 More info
What to Wear Now, for Women 45+ 10/28/2020 $89 More info
Yoga: Mixed Levels 09/30/2020 $119 More info