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Why rely on someone else when you can do it yourself?

Get hands on with all your indoor, outdoor, and decor projects. From simple home repairs to renovation prep, our industry experts will give you the confidence to tackle basic home improvement and maintenance. You can also explore decoration, gardening, and landscaping. Looking for a new challenge? Bring left brain and right brain together by getting creative with welding and furniture building courses.

Class name Start date Cost More info
Auto Basics Level 1 04/30/2020 $149 More info
Basement Wiring Basics 04/29/2020 $159 More info
Bonsai Basics 05/26/2020 $79 More info
Build Your Own Adirondack Chair 04/28/2020 $199 More info
Build Your Own Coffee Table 06/16/2020 $199 More info
Car Detailing & Surface Enhancement Techniques 05/02/2020 $129 More info
Car Detailing & Surface Enhancement Techniques 07/08/2020 $129 More info
Conquer Your Clutter 05/04/2020 $79 More info
Container Plants for Patios & Balconies 04/25/2020 $99 More info
Design in Action: Show Home Tour 05/12/2020 $89 More info
Design in Action: Show Home Tour 05/23/2020 $89 More info
Garage Welding Level 1 05/20/2020 $199 More info
Garage Woodworking Level 1 05/26/2020 $199 More info
General Car Care & Maintenance 07/06/2020 $149 More info
Helping with Hoarding 06/11/2020 $79 More info
Introduction to Brakes 06/06/2020 $199 More info
Introduction to MIG Welding (GMAW) 06/11/2020 $99 More info
Landscape Design Workshop 05/14/2020 $199 More info
Metal Cutting (OAC & PAC) 05/12/2020 $99 More info
Metal Rose Making 05/06/2020 $99 More info
Natural Pest Control for Indoor Plants 05/12/2020 $59 More info
Perk Up Your Yard With Perennials 04/29/2020 $79 More info
Planning Perennial Gardens 05/05/2020 $149 More info
Renovating Mature Landscapes 04/20/2020 $149 More info
Savvy Landscaping: Trees & Shrubs 05/06/2020 $79 More info
Space Planning: How to Design Efficient Spaces 04/27/2020 $149 More info
Win the War on Weeds 06/03/2020 $79 More info