Computer Training & Technology

It today’s ever changing digital landscape, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve! Metro’s Computer Training & Technology courses can not only introduce you to the newest trends and gadgets, but also teach you how to maximize your devices and programs and use them to their full ability.

Discover how to master Microsoft Excel, Google Drive and more, or focus on the untapped potential in your phone, tablet or personal computer. Courses are offered for all skill levels from beginner to advanced and cover topics related to both professional and personal use. Work or play, conquer today’s technology!

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Register for two or more Computer Training & Technology courses (or send two or more employees) and receive 10% off. Call 780.428.1111 to receive this discount when registering.

Class name Start date Cost More info
Excel Level 1 (Fast Track) 07/03/2018 $295 More info
Excel Level 2 (Fast Track) 07/10/2018 $295 More info
Publisher 07/16/2018 $195 More info
Working With Windows 10/10.1 07/18/2018 $195 More info