Bookkeeping Principles & Applications Certificate Program

Whether your aim is to find work or increase your value to your current employer, Metro’s Bookkeeping Principles & Applications Certificate Program will help you hone and demonstrate your knowledge and skills of bookkeeping and accounting principles.

The program includes both theory and hands-on application of what you learn. You will complete two practicum assignments: one using manual bookkeeping and the other in QuickBooks using free trial software or your own computer program.

You must complete the following courses and achieve 100% on the practicum exercises to receive your Certificate of Recognition.

• Bookkeeping Level 1: Basics
• Bookkeeping Level 2: Accounting Essentials
• Understanding Financial Statements & Budgeting
• QuickBooks Level 1
• QuickBooks Level 2
• Bookkeeping Principles & Applications Practicum
• Taxation Basics (optional)

All courses, including the practicum, must be completed within one year of initial registration.

This practicum is divided into four parts:

1. Manual Bookkeeping of the transactions of the company and the adjustments required at year end to be completed at the end of level 1 & 2 of bookkeeping.

2. Application Software entry of the same transactions given to you in the manual setting to be recorded in the Application of your choice and verified against the Manual version to be completed after the end of level 1 & 2 of the application software of your choice.

3. Understanding Financial Statements and Budgeting to be completed in class of the course.

4. TaxationBasics (optional) to be completed in class of the course.

The instructors may assist and guide you as you work through the practicum but the course instruction and lesson material provided to you in your studies has all the knowledge you need to complete this practicum. The course instructor must be satisfied that your practicum is 100% correct before you can move on to the next level and your answers will be checked against the solutions provided to the instructors.

Throughout this entire process you will be working with one set of books and transactions to show you the common thread that ties all of these pieces together.

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To register for this program, contact Metro at 780.428.1111 or register online.

Instructor Profile – Doug Reeh

Doug Reeh has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in accounting and has been a chartered accountant since 1982. He served in many capacities at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), including being a business audit supervisor to an audit manager of multinational corporations. He has captured and automated business intelligence and even audited business units within the CRA. In private practice, he has dealt with taxation, audit issues, consulting, taxation and bankruptcies. Doug’s passion is teaching small business courses in accounting and tax principles. His lectures integrate accounting with good business practices and provide terminology essential for entrepreneurs to understand. There is so much more to learn in his classes than just debits and credits.