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Gain a competitive edge with courses in accounting, finance, management, office dynamics and communication. Focus on specific skill sets or register as a team and develop the abilities necessary to be a powerhouse in your industry.

Courses are offered at every skill level and ensure you leave with the tools necessary to put your new knowledge into practice.

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In addition to our robust offerings, put theory into practice with Metro’s Bookkeeping Principles & Applications Certificate Program!

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Class name Start date Cost More info
Basic Business Writing 05/11/2019 $195 More info
Becoming a Leading Facilitator 04/27/2019 $195 More info
Bookkeeping Level 1: Basics 04/29/2019 $345 More info
Bookkeeping Level 2: Accounting Essentials 05/02/2019 $295 More info
Bookkeeping Principles & Applications Practicum 05/03/2019 $345 More info
Career Transitions 05/16/2019 $195 More info
De-escalation Strategies & Techniques 04/10/2019 $195 More info
Delegate Effectively 05/13/2019 $195 More info
Effective Minute Taking 04/16/2019 $195 More info
Emotional Intelligence & Workplace Success 04/04/2019 $99 More info
HR Basics Every Manager Needs to Know 05/04/2019 $195 More info
Leadership & Professionalism for Administrative Pros 07/11/2019 $295 More info
Legal Aspects of Starting a New Business 05/07/2019 $69 More info
Mastering Difficult Conversations 07/13/2019 $195 More info
Powerful Powerpoint Presentations 07/04/2019 $195 More info
Putting Heart Into Customer Service 07/04/2019 $195 More info
Recruiting & Retaining Employees 05/07/2019 $195 More info
Sales Strategies that Work 04/08/2019 $195 More info
Start Your Own Business 05/11/2019 $245 More info
Start Your Own Business 07/13/2019 $245 More info
Supervision Essentials 07/08/2019 $395 More info
Time Management Mastery 05/30/2019 $195 More info
Understanding Financial Statements & Budgeting 05/04/2019 $195 More info